Improve your Accent (Take a PESL Class)

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To register for a class, receive a free accent screening test, receive information, or schedule an appointment: in San Francisco (415- 933-6192) in Petaluma (415-203-0405), or fill out the request information form.

1) To schedule an appointment with Dr. Compton
2) To arrange a complimentary accent screening test
3) To receive a brochure detailing the program
4) Register for a class

Who can benefit from P-ESL?
Participants come from all walks of life: Accountants, Actors, Airline Pilots, Attorneys, College Teachers and Students, Computer Programmers, Engineers, Housewives, Ministers and Priests, Physicians, Sales People, Secretaries, Supervisors, Receptionists, and many more.

Employees who have used the P-ESL Program represent many diverse organizations throughout the USA such as AT&T, Bank of America, Chevron, Clorox, Consulate Generals of El Salvador, Japan, Mexico and USSR, GE, Dow Chemicals, Federal NY Life Insurance, Levi Strauss, Mattel Toys, Stanford University, and more.

What can you expect from the Compton P-ESL program?

  • An initial interview and an audio recording of your speech
  • A completely individualized learning program based on a phonetic analysis of your recorded speech
  • A comprehensive set of practice exercises in a CD-ROM, Audio CD, or Online format
  • A training manual containing your personal speech analysis and scripts for the recorded practice materials
  • A personal “Audio-Reference booklet” and recordings of customized practice words which you feel are especially important for you to learn
  • 25 hours of instruction and practice (group programs), 13 hours of instruction and practice (private tutoring), and 22 hours for the concentrated 3-month tutoring program
  • A audio recorded reevaluation at the end of you course to provide a completely objective measure of your success
  • An ongoing self-study program for continuing your improvement at the end of your course
  • At least a 50% improvement in your spoken English, (FOR ALL PROGRAMS), upon completion of your course and practice assignments


(Available in Petaluma)

      A. CONCENTRATED 3-MONTH PROGRAM (composed of 5 class meetings) spread over approximately 12~14 weeks    Note:  This program is available only with Dr. Compton. Because the 1st and 3rd classes are somewhat like a one-day “retreat” they are offered at his Petaluma facility. The other three classes may optionally be offered in Petaluma or at the Institute in San Francisco facility, or at a sponsoring Company’s facilities. Petaluma is approximately 35 miles North on Hwy 101 from the Golden Gate Bridge and 25 miles from the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge. Petaluma is a very historic city with many galleries, casual and fine dining and a lovely quaint downtown. It is located in Sonoma county, the heart of the wine country.  

  • Individual (one-on-one) Tutoring
  •  OR  (one-on-one) Tutoring within a Small Group setting (3 people maximum)
  • Speaking improvement is at least the same, and typically greater, than for the 13 week programs, i.e., 50% or more 
  • Total instruction time: (15 ~ 21 hours depending upon the proficiency level of the client and number of individuals – 3 max)
  • Class meeting days can be arranged for week days or weekends
  • Typical Scheduling:
  • Day 1  6 ~ 8 hr class  –  followed by 3 weeks of home/work practice
  • Day 2  1 ~ 1 1/2 hr review class  –  followed by 3 more  weeks of home/work practice
  • Day 3  6 ~ 8 hr class –  followed by 3 weeks of home/work practice
  • Day 4  1 ~ 1 1/2 hr review class  –  followed by 3 more  weeks of home/work practice
  • Note:  Prior to Day 5, a final audio recording will be done, in preparation for your last class.
  • Day 5  1 ~ 2 hour class which includes a) follow up review and practice, based upon the results of your final speech analysis,  b) establish an on-going self improvement program c) review the final results of your of your improvement, including percentages of change and listening to samples of before/after recordings of your speech.
  • FEES: (corporate discounts available for group programs)
  • Includes complete set of practice materials  Audio CD’s, Online) 
    $150.00 Registration/Materials
  • $1700.00 Tuition – small group 2 ~ 3 people max (Dr. Compton only)
  • $1900.00 Tuition – private Tutoring (Dr. Compton only)

(Available at the Institute of Language in San Francisco or in Petaluma)

      B. “13–WEEK SMALL GROUP PROGRAM” (4 -5 people maximum)  

  • 13 Two-hour weekly classes
  • Includes a complete set of practice materials (CD-ROM, Online, or Audio CDs)
    Fees: (corporate discounts are available)
  • $150.00 Registration/Materials
  • $1600.00 Tuition (with Dr. Compton)
  • $1300.00 Tuition (with staff teacher)
  • SCHEDULE: Call for class availability

         1) 13-Week Individual Tutoring Program for 1) individuals with strong foreign accents who need close  professional guidance, 2)  for individual who desire a completely personalized program, 3) a need for flexible scheduling or 4) those who wish to work on specific projects or goals, i.e., sales presentations, sermons, acting scripts, public speaking, job interviews, etc.

  • 13 one-hour weekly classes, flexible scheduling
  • Weekly home assignments using the Audio CD’s, or Online practice materials
  • FEES: (corporate discounts available)
  • $150 Registration/Materials
  • $1900 Tuition (with Dr. Compton)
  • $1500 Tuition (with a staff teacher)

          2) 7-Week Private Tutoring Program for individuals with very mild foreign accents or native English speakers with regional USA dialects, or those who wish to work on  American English idoms, oral presentations, general speech improvement, etc.

  • 7 one-hour weekly classes, flexible scheduling.
  • Weekly home assignments using the Audio CD’s, or Online practice materials
    FEES: (corporate discounts available)
  • $150 Registration/Materials
  • $1100 Tuition (with Dr. Compton)
  • $900 Tuition (with staff teacher)

SCHEDULE: Flexible – One class per week, to be arranged with the student.