Audio Samples of Accent Improvement



At the outset of all Compton P-ESL courses, all initial tape recording and speech assessment is done to assist in setting up each person’s learning program. At the end of the program, a second identical recording and assessment is done to determine the amount of accent improvement. One portion of the assessment includes a standardized reading passage entitled “John D. Rockefeller.” The Audio Samples below are the first three sentences of that passage, taken “before & after” a course, and illustrate the typical improvements our clients achieve.

Select from the Samples Below to Hear What You can Expect from a Compton P-ESL Course:

Native Language Country Gender
Before / After
Cantonese Hong Kong Lady Before / After
Farsi Iran Lady Before / After
German Germany Man Before / After
Japanese Japan Man Before / After
Mandarin China Lady Before / After
Russian Russia Lady Before / After
Spanish Argentina Lady Before / After
Swedish Sweden Lady Before / After
Tagalog Philippines Man Before / After
Tamil India Man Before / After


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